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Shobhana Chelliah Delivers Keynote on Language Documentation

Dr. Shobhana Chelliah Delivers Keynote at Central Institute of Indian Languages (CIIL) Summer School on Language Documentation

Earlier this May, Dr. Shobhana Chelliah briefed summer school participants about the grave situation that India’s tribal and minor languages face and called upon the scholars to document, preserve, and work towards the revival of such languages.

Accomplished Alumni: Kristopher Geda

Kristopher graduated from UNT’s Department of Linguistics with an M.A. in Linguistics and a TESOL Graduate Academic Certificate in 2007 and then went on to a Ph.D. in Linguistics at the University of Pittsburgh, graduating in 2013. At that time, he also finished two Graduate Academic Certificates (Women’s Studies and East Asian Studies). He tells me that he was really interested in Sociolinguistics and had the chance to do some research in that field and teach classes on the subject along with other Linguistics classes.

Accomplished Alumni: Darrin Miller

Darrin had always felt connected to languages; he had taken Spanish and German, done well, and enjoyed it. In 2014 he took Intro to Linguistics with a visiting professor and loved it so much that he changed his major to Linguistics. After graduating with his MA, he worked at Uhaul while also contracting his annotation skills out to companies like Appen, Lionbridge, TELUS International, and DefinedCrowd, an AI marketplace, eventually making the switch to full-time contracting.

Dr. Ross designated Distinguished Research Professor Emeritus

Dr. Haj Ross retired from the University of North Texas and has been designated Distinguished Research Professor Emeritus by the UNT Board of Regents. College of Information has started a scholarship in his name to honor him, the students he impacted and future students. Please support the scholarship so that Linguistics students will be reminded of his illustrious career at UNT. Donate to the Haj Ross Squibber Scholarship (

Dr. Sadaf Munshi's Grammy Nomination

UNT College of Music Ali Montazeri (Co-Arranger) and UNT Linguistics professor Sadaf Munshi (Linguistic and Academic Advisor) are recognized for their contribution on music album, "The Voices and Bridges", which is on the Recording Academy / GRAMMYs ballot in two categories:

1- Best Global Music Album, The Voices and Bridges

2- Best Global Music Performance, "Jete Nahi Dibo" (a trilingual composition in Kashmiri, Bengali and Farsi)

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