Graduate Committee

Graduate Curriculum Committee Members

  • Xian Zhang, Chair
  • Tandra Tyler-Wood, Member
  • Suliman Hawamdeh, Member

The Graduate Curriculum Committee reviews proposed changes and additions to the graduate curriculum such as new courses, proposals for new programs and new minors. The committee addresses questions and issues referred to by department committees or initiated by individuals.  The committee serves in an advisory capacity to the Dean. Members meet in closed executive session when conferring about individuals such as students but otherwise meet in open session.  
The Committee acts on behalf of the faculty as follows:  

  • Meets on a monthly basis following a published calendar.
  • Approves proposed graduate-level course and program changes for submission to university-level committees.
  • Recommends solutions for questions and issues referred by department committees or initiated by individuals.
  • Provides oversight for COI graduate research and teaching assistantships.
  • Provides oversight of the committee organizing the yearly COI interdisciplinary conference.
  • Engages in planning for the continuous improvement and development of the curricula, including making recommendations for changes.
  • Engages in continuous improvement and development of Doctoral and Master’s level curricula and college policies and procedures related to graduate curriculum and programs.