Learning Technologies Outstanding Alumni

The College of Information Alumni Society started recognizing Outstanding Alumni from the Department of Learning Technologies in 2011.

Peggy Rouh

2015 Learning Technologies Outstanding Alumna: Peggy Rouh, (MS ATPI ’95 and PhD ATPI ’01).

Peggy Rouh was the 2015 Department of Learning Technologies Outstanding Alumni Award Recipient and speaker at the College of Information Undergraduate Ceremony on December 11, 2015. Originally planning to teach high school, she found that it was not the place for her.  She decided that the business world was a better fit.  She was hired by IBM and this was the start of a 30-year IBM career.  Here she worked with customers from all over the world with their networking requirements.  Peggy led a group of networking experts in developing classes for IBM.  It was through a desire to deliver better education that she found UNT and began a Master’s degree in the corporate training field.  This then led to completing a Ph.D. in Applied Technology Training and Development. She became an adjunct professor and is now a Lecturer.  She continues a 25-year association with UNT.

In May 2016, the Alumni Society nominated Dr. Rouh to receive the University of North Texas Distinguished Alumni Service Award.  On November 3rd, she was inducted into this illustrious group of UNT alumni as its 2016 recipient.


2014 Learning Technologies Outstanding Alumni: Travis K. Brewer (PhD Applied Technology, Training & Development 2007)

Travis K. Brewer, Ph.D., was the 2014 Learning Technologies Outstanding Alumni and was guest speaker at the College of Information Undergraduate Ceremony that spring. Dr. Brewer brings both experience and depth to the field of Human Resource Development. He has worked in government, nonprofit, telecommunications, engineering & construction and manufacturing organizations. His current position is with The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company as Director, Global Learning and Development.  Dr. Brewer holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Community Health and Master of Education degree in Adult Education from University of Central Oklahoma. He earned his Ph.D. in Applied Technology and Performance Improvement at the University of North Texas in 2007.


2013 Learning Technologies Outstanding Alumna: Dr. Holly M. Hutchins (PhD Applied Technology, Training & Development ‘04)

Holly M. Hutchins was awarded the 2013-2014 College of Information (COI) Department of Learning Technologies (LT) Outstanding Alumni award. Dr. Hutchins' career path exemplifies her dedication to improving quality in the workplace, both outside and inside the academy. She is Associate Professor of Human Resource Development at the University of Houston, where she teaches courses in research design, training and development, adult learning, program evaluation, facilitation, and global leadership. She earned her PhD in Applied Technology, Training & Development in 2004.  Dr. Hutchins’ primary research areas are transfer of learning, organizational crisis management, and faculty development. Her publications have appeared in US and international journals. She is currently conducting research on a National Science Foundation grant that investigates increasing recruitment, retention and advancement of women STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) faculty. In 2013, she was recognized as a “Difference Maker” by the University of Houston’s Commission on Women to acknowledge leadership and work toward gender inclusiveness and diversity on campus.


2012 Learning Technologies Outstanding Alumna: Dr. Colleen Swain (MS CECS ’93 and PhD ATPI ’97)

Colleen Swain was awarded the 2012 College of Information (COI) Department of Learning Technologies (LT) Outstanding Alumni award. In the College’s history, Dr. Swain was the second LT alum to be honored with this award. Dr. Swain was guest speaker for the December 5, 2012 College of Information Colloquium.  Dr. Swain received her B.S. in Secondary Education with cognates in mathematics and computer science from Baylor University.  She taught in the Hurst-Euless-Bedford ISD for seven years in conjunction with earning her master’s degree in Computer Science and Cognitive Systems from the University of North Texas. Dr. Swain earned her doctoral degree in Applied Technology, Training, and Development from UNT in 1997. As the 2011-2012 Undergraduate Teacher of the Year at University of Florida, she considers her work with students some of the most important work she does.  Dr. Swain serves as Professor and Director of the School of Education at The University of Texas at Tyler and has served on the school board of UT-Tyler’s charter school, the Innovation Academy.


Todd Fore

2011 Learning Technologies Outstanding Alumni: Dr. Todd Fore, PhD (Applied Technology, Training and Employee Development '98)

Dr. Todd A. Fore is  a member of the Senior Executive Service, is Executive Director, Air Force Personnel Center, Randolph Air Force Base, Texas. The center's primary focus is to ensure commanders around the world have the right number of skilled Air Force people in the proper grades and specialties to complete their missions. AFPC has a diverse workforce of nearly 2,600 Air Force military, civilian and contractor personnel responsible for implementing personnel policies, developing personnel programs and conducting worldwide personnel operations for 1.25 million Air Force military, civilian and retirees.  Dr. Fore has been honored with other awards including the Exemplary Civilian Service Award, the Meritorious Civilian Service Award, and the Exceptional Civilian Service Award. He is a member of the Air War College Alumni Association, Sigma Nu Alumni Association, and the Senior Executive Association.