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Student Spotlight - Lillian Randall

During the past year, Lillian Randall transformed her life into a cycle of dedication to her sport Taekwondo. This type of dedication included driving across the state to her hometown of Midlothian, Texas, for Taekwondo practice, heading back to UNT in Denton for classes, a campus job, and maintaining a strict diet while on the road.

“Due to the time I dedicated to training and traveling, I missed most of the times my friends were hanging out and I saw my family even less,” says Randall.

India Venture Trip by Danielle Ivie

Traveling to Kashmir with Dr. Munshi and my fellow students was both enlightening and immensely rewarding. We were fortunate enough to speak with all manner of people there, from those who enjoyed the benefits of the system to those who have struggled because of it. The connections that Prof. Munshi has forged and maintained in the country with various people enabled us to interact with teachers, students, journalists, mothers, priests and lawyers to name just a few.

10th DFW Metroplex Linguistics Conference

Several UNT faculty and students presented at the annual
DFW Metroplex Linguistics Conference
Held at Texas A&M Commerce November 9th, 2018. 

UNT presentations at the DFW Metroplex Linguistics Conference:

The reconstruction of Proto-Segai-Modang (Kalimantan, Indonesia) - Alexander Smith

The Passive Side of Sexual Violence: A Linguistic Analysis of ICTY “Landmark Cases” - Kristyne Wahlert & Ashley Balcazar

Traditional Ecological Knowledge of Khurkhuls - Bebica Louriyam

Documentation of Endangered Manuscripts of Kashmir

The proposed project seeks to digitize and document a selection of highly endangered private collections of rare manuscripts from different parts of Kashmir (India). Often called the Sharada Peeth (‘seat of knowledge’) of the Indian subcontinent, Kashmir has served as an established center of learning from the Vedic times. Various internationally celebrated works dealing with religion, philosophy, history, language and literature were composed in the region.