About Us

The College of Information exists to enable our constituents to access, organize, manage, and use/apply information. The College empowers individuals and organizations to create optimal learning environments for sharing knowledge and improving performance.

Our mission is to generate, integrate, and disseminate knowledge in a learner-centered environment. We advance domains of knowledge in information science, library science, computing and technology systems, learning and cognition, linguistics, and human performance.

Connecting People through Information, Language, and Technology

Our College will continually evolve as we operate within a nexus of learning, research, information, and technology to facilitate the creation and assimilation of knowledge, innovation, and performance. The College will attract high quality faculty, students, and staff to lead its evolution. Graduates will have choice placement and advancements in their fields. Our faculty, staff, and students will continue to rise to leadership positions in their professions and advance the body of knowledge of our field.

Values and Beliefs

  • Information is core to knowledge.
  • Knowledge is core to human endeavor.
  • Human endeavor is core to research and learning.
  • Learners are core to the College and the future.
  • Meaning and context are core to learning.
  • In order to shape the future, it is important to respect the past and attend to the present.
  • Knowledge is advanced through systematic research and the organization, management, use/application of information.
  • Discovery, application, integration, teaching, collaboration, assessment and evaluation are fundamental to learner-centered education.
  • Information access is critical to societal well-being.
  • Societal well-being is enhanced by the nurturing of the whole individual and communities.