Personnel Affairs Committee

2023-2024 RPTC Members

  • Hsia-Ching Chang
  • Ana Cleveland
  • Sadaf Munshi
  • Mike Spector
  • Tandra Tyler-Wood

The Personnel Affairs Committee (PAC) reviews annual peer evaluations, faculty appointments, terminations, and departmental recommendations on merit. 
This committee reviews departmental decisions and recommendations and advises the Dean and/or Department Chair regarding the alignment of the decision with departmental, college, and university policy.  Members meet in closed executive session only during personnel reviews and otherwise meet in open session.  The PAC will advise the Dean and make recommendations regarding:

  • Uniform and equitable procedures in assessing faculty merit and salary recommendations.
  • The implementation of adequate procedures for all faculty appeals.
  • The committee reviews faculty grievance appeals referred by departments or taken directly from individual faculty after recourse has been exhausted with the corresponding departmental committee and recommends resolutions.
  • Other personnel decisions. 
  • The Reappointment, Promotion, and Tenure (RPTC) sub-committee reviews recommendations of faculty appointment, promotion, granting of tenure, and termination of appointments.