The students who make it onto the Dean's List work hard and we are proud of their academic excellence!  The Dean’s List requires a student to be in good standing and earn a GPA of 3.5 or higher for 12 hours or more for that semester.  

Congratulations to those who have made it onto the Dean’s List for Fall of 2016!  

Levi Acord, Linguistics
Barbara Atchley, Information Science
Briana Banuelos, Linguistics
Brannon Briggs, Linguistics
Alan Card, Information Science
Cassidy Cook, Linguistics
Daniel Delawter, Information Science
Stephanie Fuller, Linguistics
Georgina Fullerton, Linguistics
Joseph Griffin, Linguistics
Courtney Hamner, Information Science
Raegen Hill, Information Science
Matthew Houston, Linguistics
Melinda Ithivongkham, Information Science
Jennifer Kelley, Information Science
Erin Killian, Linguistics
Jace Klepper, Information Science
Amber Lakhani, Information Science
Matthew Lubin, Linguistics
Vanessa Marlo, Linguistics
Kaitlin McCormick, Linguistics
Amber Mcginnis, Linguistics
Jessica Parsons, Information Science
Molly Sanchez, Information Science
Hannah Smith, Information Science
Cayla Thompson, Information Science