Welcome to College of Information Giving

Dear College of Information Alumni,

The College of Information, your alma mater, is proud to be home to research that contributes to UNT’S Carnegie Tier One status. With a number of our academic programs ranked very highly in the nation, we continue to cultivate a culture of collaboration to meet the goals of better research and teaching, leading to student success.

You have played a significant role in achieving those goals, through your generous contributions, both financially as well as in the form of mentorship, advice and through supporting students through internships and job placement. Thank you for all you are doing for the university, the college, and most importantly, for the students. You have provided the students the opportunity to fulfill their aspirations and realize their dreams.

While the pandemic created significant challenges for everyone, your support did not waiver, making it possible for our students to survive the difficult times and continue their studies through the generous scholarships from our donors. Not only that, your support enabled creation of three endowed professorships in the college, in health informatics, in data science, and in library sciences.
Your support has not been limited to financial contributions. The College Leadership Board features various alumni actively supporting the college in carrying out our strategic plan. Many of you have provided your expertise to our students through the student-focused Career Opportunities Directions and Exploration (C.O.D.E) program.

With gratitude, I thank you for all your contributions and support. Please do not hesitate to reach out to me if you have questions, concerns, or ideas you would like to share. I look forward to personally visiting with many of you in the months ahead.


Dr. Kinshuk

Dean, College of Information
Office: 940-565-2731
Email: ci-dean@unt.edu

If you haven’t donated, or want to donate again, but you’d like to speak to someone about the impact that your contribution can have, please contact the COI Assistant Director of Marketing and Outreach at Lisa.hollinger@unt.edu

Follow this link to find out how your contributions have helped our scholarship recipients:
Gratitude from Scholarship Recipients