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IMPORTANT CHANGES: The Advising Memo Process has changed.  

Only complete the "Course Registration Form" if you are registering for:


  • a 3-week winter session course
  • School Library Certification course (INFO 5001, 5720, 5208, 5405, 5420, 5050, 5340, 5345 or SLC INFO 5090)

The COI Advising office only processes course requests for courses inside of the College of Information (DTSC, INFO, LTEC & LING). 

For permission to enroll in other courses like ADTA, BCIS, DSCI, CSCE, you must contact that department and ALSO ensure that the course works for your degree plan with a College of Information advisor.

Essential Notes: 

  • Students are responsible for knowing catalog requirements and preparing a degree plan with their advisor prior to enrollment beyond 12 semester credit hours.
  • All advising requires approval of the Faculty Advisor for program concentration. Any courses taken outside of a program concentration need faculty advisor approval.


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