Dr. Yvonne J. Chandler Mentorship Program

Yvonne J. ChandlerThis mentorship program honors the work and legacy of Dr. Yvonne J. Chandler, for whom it is named. Colleagues, former students, friends, and family of Dr. Chandler were asked the best way to continue her legacy in light of her passing, and the theme that was brought up each time was her strong and active work as a mentor to the students in her life while they were in the program and even after they graduated. Therefore, the College of Information is proud to announce a new mentoring program for the COI community bearing her name. 

“Dr. Chandler, whose teaching philosophy and goals rested on the idea of preparing students to “adapt theoretical implications to fit practical applications” dedicated her time and energy to teaching and service in many ways to the Library and Information Science (LIS) profession.

Passionate about LIS education, particularly for students of color and first-generation college students, Dr. Chandler received several federal grants totaling over $4M dollars to support education for the pursuit of master's degrees in library & information science.  Two of her major grants were her Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS) grants – the Laura Bush 21st Century Librarian programs – LEAP: Library Education for the American Pacific: A Project to Strengthen Libraries in the US-Affiliated Pacific Islands that she received in 2010 and 2015. These grants provided full tuition scholarship opportunities for Pacific Islanders living and working in the USAPI and became known as the LEAP I and LEAP-II Cohort Program.

Dr. Chandler will be remembered for her commitment to providing a solid education to her students, her mentorship, and her profound dedication to the LIS field.”

To learn more about who she was and her legacy, please follow the link below:

The Dr. Yvonne J. Chandler Mentorship Program is open to all College of Information community members. We encourage alumni and professors from any department within COI to sign up to be mentors, and we encourage students with any major in the College of Information to sign up to be mentees. However, anyone connected to the College of Information community is invited to sign up as either mentee or mentor as they see fit. 

To join the Dr. Yvonne J. Chandler Mentorship Program, please follow the links below. 

Program starts in August. You will be contacted after the fall semester starts on August 19th.


Meet a mentor
"Participating in the Yvonne J Chandler Mentorship program allows me to reflect on my career and pass along lessons learned. My hope is that these insights will save my mentee time and effort while at UNT and beyond. Our candid conversations also provide a chance for me think about my current work and develop interpersonal skills. The program has been a great way to meet and positively influence a diverse set of future information professionals."

- Marlon Hernandez, Information & Configuration Management Engineer at NASA
Meet a mentee
"This program helps me learn more insider perspectives. I was so nervous about my future career. However, after talking with my mentor, I have a clear goal to work on and definitely would like to join this program again!"

- Zoe Li, MS, Library Science

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