Conferences & Lectures

Industry Insights
Industry Insights is an invited guest series dedicated to connecting alumni and industry professionals with the UNT community. The collaboration between the College of Information, its three departments (Information Science, Learning Technologies, and Linguistics) and the UNT Career Center is designed to help students explore professions in their field of study. Each semester will feature guests who will focus on careers in one of our seven areas of study.

Discovery Series
The Discovery Series hosts prominent and impactful speakers from industry, academia, and nonprofits to stimulate the exchange of ideas at the intersection of information science, linguistics, and learning technologies.

The Multi-Disciplinary Information Research Symposium (MIRS) is an annual symposium that showcases the work of scholars and practitioners researching information and its impact on people. The research presented is about a range of topics including information technology, cybersecurity, information organization, archival theory, library science, computer science, linguistics, data science and more.

Since 2017, UNT Faculty from Linguistics, Information Science, Computer Science and Anthropology began partnering with the UNT Digital Library to create a repository for South Asian languages at UNT. The hosting of this repository known as CoRSAL (Computational Resource on South Asian Languages) houses data in formats that can be easily accessed and used by non-linguists and linguists for a range of purposes including language science, computational linguistics, language reclamation and revitalization, language teaching and investigations into diverse cultures and histories.