Information Science

Name Position Email
Jeff Allen Regents Professor of Information Science Director Jeff.Allen@unt.edu
Bobbie Bushman Lecturer Bobbie.Bushman@unt.edu
Yvonne Chandler Associate Professor Yvonne.Chandler@unt.edu
Hsia-Ching (Carrie) Chang Assistant Professor Hsia-Ching.Chang@unt.edu
Jiangping Chen Professor/Chair Jiangping.Chen@unt.edu
Ana Cleveland Regents Professor Ana.Cleveland@unt.edu
Junhua Ding Professor Junhua.Ding@unt.edu
Yunfei Du Professor Yunfei.Du@unt.edu
Larry Enoch Senior Lecturer Larry.Enoch@unt.edu
Suliman Hawamdeh Professor Suliman.Hawamdeh@unt.edu
Jianghyun (Annie) Kim Associate Professor Jianghyun.Kim@unt.edu
Tricia Kuon Multiple year Lecturer Tricia.Kuon@unt.edu
John Marino Assistant Professor John.Marino@unt.edu
Shawne Miksa Associate Professor Shawne.Miksa@unt.edu
William Moen Associate Professor William.Moen@unt.edu
Brian O'Connor Professor Brian.OConnor@unt.edu
Guillermo Oyarce Associate Professor Guillermo.Oyarce@unt.edu
Jodi Philbrick Senior Lecturer Jodi.Philbrick@unt.edu
Barbara Schultz-Jones Associate Professor Barbara.Schultz-Jones@unt.edu
Daniella Smith Associate Professor Daniella.Smith@unt.edu
Xin Wang Senior Lecturer Xin.Wang@unt.edu
Maurice Wheeler Associate Professor Maurice.Wheeler@unt.edu
Oksana Zavalina Associate Professor Oksana.Zavalina@unt.edu

Information Science Staff

Name Position Email
LeAnn Coffey Assistant to Department Chair LeAnn.Coffey@unt.edu
Stephen Lancaster Data and Career Services Specialist Stephen.Lancaster@unt.edu
Melanie Palitos Senior Administrative Specialist Melanie.Palitos@unt.edu
Nichole Tyler Senior Administrative Specialist Nichole.Tyler@unt.edu
Theresa Wallace HR Coordinator Theresa.Wallace@unt.edu

Learning Technologies

Name Position Email
Tandra Tyler-Wood Professor and Chair TandraTyler-Wood@unt.edu
Yunjo An Associate Professor Yunjo.An@unt.edu 
Rose Baker Assistant Professor Rose.Baker@unt.edu
Rhonda Christensen Research Professor / Co-Director of IITTL Rhonda.Christensen@unt.edu
Lynne Cox Lecturer / Director of Graduate Programs LynneCagle.Cox@unt.edu
Demetria Ennis-Cole Professor Demetria.Ennis-Cole@unt.edu
Aleshia Hayes Assistant Professor Aleshia.Hayes@unt.edu
Karen Johnson Assistant Professor Karen.Johnson@unt.edu
Gerald Knezek Regents Professor / Co-Director of IITTL Gerald.Knezek@unt.edu
Lin Lin Professor Lin.Lin@unt.edu
Cathleen Norris Regents Professor Cathleen.Norris@unt.edu
Thomas Parsons Professor / Director of NetDragon Digital Research Centre,
Director of Computational Neuropsychology and Simulation (CNS) Laboratory
Laura Pasquini Senior Lecturer Laura.Pasquini@unt.edu
Peggy Rouh Senior Lecturer Peggy.Rouh@unt.edu
Michael Spector Professor Mike.Spector@unt.edu
John Turner Assistant Professor John.Turner@unt.edu
Scott J. Warren Professor Scott.Warren@unt.edu

Learning Technologies Staff

Name Position Email
Frederick Hobbs Program Project Coordinator Frederick.Hobbs@unt.edu
Tiadosha Parker Administrative Coordinator Tiadosha.Parker@unt.edu
Tyffany Robles Office Support Associate Tyffany.Robles@unt.edu
Linda Santiago Administrative Coordinator Linda.Santiago@unt.edu 


Name Position Email
Shobhana Chelliah Professor Shobhana.Chelliah@unt.edu
Katie Crowder Senior Lecturer Katie.Crowder@unt.edu
Patricia Cukor-Avila Associate Professor Patricia.Cukor-Avila@unt.edu
Dina Kapetangianni Lecturer Dina.Kapetangianni@unt.edu
Sadaf Munshi Associate Professor, Chair of Linguisitics Department Sadaf.Munshi@unt.edu
Alexis Palmer Assistant Professor Alexis.Palmer@unt.edu
Haj Ross Distinguished Research Professor Haj.Ross@unt.edu
Xian Zhang Assistant Professor Xian.Zhang@unt.edu

Linguistics Staff

Name Position Email
Trevor Sisk Administrative Coordinator Trevor.Sisk@unt.edu

Last Updated: 1/17/2019