Travis Kimpler

Travis Kimpler

Travis Kimpler graduated with a BA in History and English from Texas State University in 2016 before earning his MS in Library Science from UNT in 2022. His journey led him to become a Law Librarian at Travis County Law Library. Travis initially interned with the Texas Legal Services Centre during his paralegal certification, which later led to a practicum position at the Travis County Law Library, now his full-time role.

In his current position, Travis aids patrons with legal forms, family law issues, and record expunction. He values his close connection to the state law library, where he conducts research and guides individuals to relevant resources.

Travis's decision to pursue library science stemmed from a desire to make a direct, meaningful impact on people's lives. He chose UNT for its online accessibility and campus orientation options, which allowed him to balance work and education effectively. Travis attributes much of his success at UNT to the guidance and support of Professor Sarah Evans.

Looking ahead, Travis aspires to a career in politics, aiming to become an ombudsman and a mediator in the Texas House. He encourages students to diversify their skill sets and pursue certifications to bolster their resumes.

Travis's story is a testament to the power of determination and the pursuit of meaningful work. His journey exemplifies the transformative potential of library science in serving and empowering communities.