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COI Timeline for grant submissions

UNT Sponsored grants:

Please notify the College Research Officer, located in the Dean's office, and provide a draft of the proposal, three (3) days prior to submission. This allows time for the Dean's Office to draft a letter of support that will accompany the proposal.

Externally Sponsored Grants:

The University/OCGA (Office of Contracts and Grants) requires four (4) business days, prior to submission, to review proposals.  COI requires an additional three (3) business days so that the budget may be reviewed/prepared, and if necessary, a Dean's letter of support may be generated.  Therefore, a total of seven (7) business days is required for review.  This also allows sufficient time for the Department Chair and Dean to review the proposal prior to submission to OCGA.  The technical portion of the grant may be refined up until the day prior to sponsor submission.