Studying digitally native kids and how they think

Cathleen Norris Cover

Learning Technologies faculty member Cathy Norris is receiving praise for a recently published article in Communications of AMC (CAMC). Norris is a co-author with University of Michigan professors Mark Guzdial and Elliot Soloway and retired Computer Science Figure Alan Kay. In the article titled, ‘Computational thinking should just be good thinking.’ The authors argue that modern children already think with computation through the use of many digital tools early in life.  

Dr. Soloway and Dr. Norris collaborated many times over the years and both are advocates for greater use of technology in education. Together the pair found many initiatives that seek to make technology adoption simpler for educators. They are co-directors of the Center for Digital Curricula, which works to encourage the development and adoption of standards for aligned, vetted, and deeply-digital curricula. Soloway and Norris made significant contributions to incorporating mobile technology into education, and run the Reinventing Curriculum blog on THE Journal, a publication focused on the technological transformation of K-12 education. 
The CACM journal is usually behind a paywall but their article is free to the public.