Student Highlights

Collage of Sehar Behpour Mary Burke and Jonathan Paramore

Information Science Ph.D. student, Sahar Behpour, has had her paper titled “Automatic trend detection: Time-biased document clustering” published in the Knowledge-Based Systems Journal, an international and interdisciplinary journal in the field of artificial intelligence. The paper is about a novel method for automatic trend detection. Sahar is also a recipient of the 2021 UNT Graduate Student Research Award. Currently, she is working as an intern for the QMSC company, as well as a Teaching Fellow in the Department of Information Science.

Two linguistics students presented at the 2021 International Conference on Language Documentation and Conservation. 

Mary Burke, IS PhD with concentration in Linguistics presented “Enriching ethnographic metadata with the help of native speakers”. The presentation included participation from current and past UNT Linguistics Students, Javid Iqbal and Sumshot Khular.  The team presented about getting language communities involved with archiving and exploring ways to make the CoRSAL Archive more accessible to larger audiences. Mary Burke reports, “Going to ICLDC7 was a great opportunity to talk to people about our project and share what we learned with other language archive staff!”

MA Linguistics student Jonathan Paramore, presented “The Life of a File from Creation to CoRSAL”. This paper addressed the need for building strong relationships between collaborators in order for successful data management and archiving to take place during documentation projects. Using the Mankiyali project as a test case, we discuss strategies for successful collaboration between linguists, archivists, and language communities.