Recent Grants

American Library Association

Daniella Smith, 2017-2018, "Enhancing STEM Achievement: A School Librarian Transmedia Project"

Institute of Museum and Library Services

  • Jiangping Chen, 2013-2017, "National Leadership Grant 2013; Effective and Efficient Multilingual Information Access to Digital Collections"
  • Yvonne Chandler, 2012-2018, "Library Education for the US-Affiliated Pacific: A Project to Strengthen the Digital Future of the Pacific (LEAP II)"
  • Jiangping Chen, 2016-2018, "Developing Library Cyberinfrastructure Strategy, sub-awarded from the Virginia Technical University"
  • John Marino, 2018-2019, "Preparing Librarians for Data Literacy Leadership"
  • Oksana Zavalina, 2018-2019, "Exploring Methods and Techniques for Facilitating Access to Digital Language Archives"


Gerald Knezek, 2016-2021, "Heliophysics Education Consortium: Through the Eyes of NASA to the Hearts and Minds of the Nation"

National Science Foundation

  • Shobhana Chelliah, 2012-2018, "Lamang Lexical Database and Online Dictionary (LMK)"
  • Gerald Knezek, 2013-2017, "Going Green! Middle Schoolers Out to Save the World (MSOSW)"
  • Tandra Tyler-Wood, 2015-2018, "Collaborative Research: American Innovations in an Age of Discovery: Teaching Science and Engineering through 3D-printed Historical Reconstructions"
  • Jonathan Spector, 2016-2017, CAP: Building Cyberlearning Research Programs: An Early Career Workshop"
  • Shobhana, Chelliah, 2016-2018, "Dene/Athabaskan Conference and Workshop 2017"
  • Sadaf Munshi, 2018-2022, "Investigation of Tonogensis and Consonant Inventories Through Language Documentation"

Texas Education Agency

  • Jeff Allen, 2016-2017,  "Educational Excellence Statewide Leadership Projects"
  • Jerry Wircenski, 2016-2017, "Educational Excellence Statewide Leadership Projects"

University of Hawaii Manoa Innovation Center

Gerald Knezek, 2014-2017, "Research and Evaluation for Hawaii FIRST (Fostering Inspiration and Relevance through Science and Technology)"

Last Updated: 11/6/2018