National Organization recognizes Dr. Suliman Hawamdeh for professional achievement in Information Science

Suliman Hawamdeh

The College of Information congratulates Information Science Department faculty member Suliman Hawamdeh. Dr. Hawamdeh was honored with the Association for Library and Information Science Education Award, for Professional Contribution to Library and Information Science Education.  

Dr. Daniel Alemneh, Supervisor of the Digital Curation Unit at the UNT libraries, submitted the nomination for his award. 

ALISE defines nominees for this award as a member who makes contributions that promote and enhance the status of library/information science education. Lastly, the nominee must demonstrate evidence of leadership and initiative in dealing with issues related to library/information science education.  

Dr. Hawamdeh joined ALISE more than 15 years ago. The recognition from ALISE is appreciated.

“It means a lot as it serves as a token of appreciation and recognition of my work and scholarly contributions to the field of information science,” says Hawamdeh.  
The award reviews all educational contributions to Library and Information Science since the beginning of Dr. Hawamdeh’s career. He says he’s focused on the future of LIS education.  

“The field of library and information science is continuously evolving. I had the opportunity to witness and participate in such development that spanned more than 30 years. I am glad to be part of the work done in the late eighties and early nineties in the areas of information retrieval, in particular free text and full-text databases, that paved the way for the development of today’s Internet search engines. It is rewarding and it gives you a sense of satisfaction to be part of the knowledge discovery journey and the effort to continue to push and expand the boundaries of the field,” says Hawamdeh.  

The last College of Information faculty member to receive this award was Dr. Herman Totten in 1991. According to its website, ALISE is the global voice for Library and Information Science education. The association was founded as the Association of American Library Schools.