MS Alumna and current PhD Student kYmberly Keeton

Friday, October 29, 2021

kYmberly was selected to receive The National Trust for Historic Preservation Diversity Scholarship for PastForward 2021 Online, November 2nd-5th. She applied to the conference this year to be a part of the entire dynamic that will take place with regard to preservation. She is a PhD Student in Information Science, majoring in Interdisciplinary Studies at the University of North Texas. Her research deals with African American Community Archives in Texas, and she is interested in learning more about digital preservation with regard to her research and how it will play a role in her doctoral research. Recently, she was published in What’s Emerging in the Field, Essays from Museum Computer Network, article entitled: Perspective: In the Time of COVID-19 | Still Black See and in Library Journal article entitled: 23 and We: Contemporary Genealogy Services. the Article in Library Journal.

The debut of her PhD work through a virtual platform entitled: BGLAM is now available to the public.