Liz Philippi

Liz Philippi

Alumni Highlight: Liz Philippi, M.S. Library Science 2003, and Certificate of Advanced Library Management 2007

Liz Philippi has worked as a school librarian at elementary and secondary campuses in Texas, Tennessee, Alabama, and Louisiana for 30+ years. Currently, she works at the Texas State Library and Archives Commission on State School Library Program Standards, TexQuest K-12 Electronic Resources, ESSA issues, and helps school librarians across the state. Liz is also very active with the American Library Association, the Texas Library Association, and the American Association of School libraries.

Of her time at UNT, Liz says, Dr. Yvonne Chandler was one of her first professors, whom she found incredible. Liz recalls that in 2001, Dr. Chandler showed them Google for the first time, and continuously infused reference and bibliography tools into her courses with a wealth of fun and useful information. After all these years, Dr. Chandler is one of the reasons that Liz still loves library reference services. Dr. Ana Cleveland directed Liz’s Houston program, where she learned the incredible value of networking with librarians outside of her specialty. Liz continues this invaluable practice to this day, which has enriched her professional and personal life. She also fondly remembers Dr. Donald Cleveland, Professor Emeritus, who taught Indexing and Abstracting. “I learned that I could really spend my “second life” as an indexer because he taught us to love it. Dr. Donald Cleveland was such an organized professor! He always provided detailed syllabi, his expectations were clear and understandable, and he had endless patience when explaining concepts and procedures. Dr. Donald Cleveland was wonderful, and I’ll always remember him fondly!”

COI is proud to welcome Liz Philippi as the first CODE series lecture on September 20th. She will be interviewed by Ruchi Shewade, an Information Science Ph.D. student. Please join us on September 20th for a deep dive into the career paths available to those like Liz Philippi, who make libraries their life’s work. Learn more and register at: