India Venture Trip by Danielle Ivie

India Venture Trip with Danielle Ivie

Traveling to Kashmir with Dr. Munshi and my fellow students was both enlightening and immensely rewarding. We were fortunate enough to speak with all manner of people there, from those who enjoyed the benefits of the system to those who have struggled because of it. The connections that Prof. Munshi has forged and maintained in the country with various people enabled us to interact with teachers, students, journalists, mothers, priests and lawyers to name just a few. We had been made aware of the social and political atmosphere of Kashmir before the trip but interacting with all of these different people made it real in only the way that travel and local interaction can. Being able to view their region through different lenses, some rose-colored and some quite jaded, gave us a much more complete picture of life in Indian-governed Kashmir. 

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