Ericka Sisk

Ericka Sisk Profile Photo
Executive Administrator for the Dean
Discovery Park E290
(940) 565-2731

Ericka Sisk is a go-to strategist and communicator helping key influencers to execute processes, operations, and events.  She brings over 20 years of administrative and managerial experience in various industries such as retail, insurance fraud investigation, airline support, and higher education.  Ericka delivers multi-faceted competence in every situation.  Currently, Ericka oversees the operations of the College of Information Dean’s Office and is responsible for the application of campus policies and guidelines as well as human resource functions.  She also coordinates activities and training on behalf of the college, acts as the college liaison with the university and community, and is always event planning.  When she’s not executing a college event, you can find her studying Phytomedicine in her domestic laboratory fine-tuning her cherished herbal teas and bio-active natural products, or donning her quad skates and zooming through a local park or roller rink.