Dr. Lin and Dr. Spector Receive New Team Mentoring Grant


Dr. Lin Lin and Dr. Mike Spector received a team mentoring grant to provide a forum where faculty can share research and insights on faculty productivity. All UNT faculty members are invited for stimulating discussion on topics such as:

  • What does research tell us about aspects of faculty productivity? What are profiles of productive faculty? What are your experience?
  • Relationships between productivity and technology. What are the relationships between professional productivity and the use of technologies? What technologies help us to be more productive in our research teaching, and service? What technologies and technological habits may be affecting us negatively?
  • Faculty motivation to do research: what does the literature say? What aspects of faculty research productivity are not studied? x
  • The time factors and synergy dedicated to research, grant, teaching, and service.
  • Other themes based on participating faculty members’ interests.