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by Robin James Mayes
Plagiarism has hit the news in a big way the last couple of years and even more frequently the last couple of months. Academia has been especially hard hit with research misconduct, lost jobs and some people even losing their degrees because of plagiarism. But do you truly know what plagiarism is?
Robin Mayes, PhD candidate in the College of Information, will address the complexity of the different forms of plagiarism and explain how people can learn how to recognize it. He will present his argument that author awareness is a better strategy to eliminate plagiarism than the current punishment system. Finally, he will dig into the technical end of plagiarism prevention with discussions of Turnitin and assignment engineering. This is an interactive presentation so please come prepared to engage in an exciting conversation!
He will be discussing:
What is plagiarism?
Why shouldn’t you plagiarize?
How do you set up a Turnitin link in Blackboard for use by both students and instructors?
How do you interpret the Turnitin COA report?
How can you use assignment engineering to discourage plagiarism?
This lecture was hosted at The Agora, in room G150, at Discovery Park (3940 North Elm Street, Denton, TX 76207).  It was recorded on Thursday, February 23, 2017 from 12:00—1:30 p.m.

Robin Mayes


Rob Mayes is currently a candidate for the Ph.D. degree in the LTEC-ATPI program.  His research focus is on personal, professional, and organizational ethics.  He attended Illinois State University for his BS and MS degrees.   Rob was the Director of Training and Development at a small consulting firm in the late 90s and taught Computer Science at the University of Illinois (Springfield Campus) for nine years.  He owns and operates Premier Data Software.   He enjoys family, teaching, research and writing, motorcycling, bicycling, guitars, sports vehicles and home improvement.