Discovery Series - Daryl Baldwin

Date & Time: 
Monday, September 9, 2019 - 3:00pm to Tuesday, September 10, 2019 - 2:45pm
Union 333

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Discovery Series Presents:

Daryl Baldwin

Discovery Series speaker McCarthy Genius Fellow Daryl Baldwin talks about the use of archived data from the Smithsonian to revive and teach his heritage language.  COI is co-sponsoring with CLASS as part of a UNT wide celebration of the UN Year of Indigenous Languages.

On Monday, Sep 9, at 3pm, in UNT Union 333, the Discovery Series Lecture will feature MacArthur Genius Award recipient Daryl Baldwin.  Mr. Baldwin breathed life into his heritage language, Miami, which was lying dormant for many years as the last fluent speaker passed away in the mid-1800s.  Today, there are many Miami learners and even some fluent speakers.  He could not have accomplished this without the Miami material from National Archives.  Mr. Baldwin and linguist David Costa used Miami language documentation in the archives to revive this sleeping language.

Language documentation and digital language archives are key to cultural and linguistic preservation and revitalization for all communities but especially for the indigenous and lower-resourced languages of the world that are fast disappearing.

Please join us and hear his story and to affirm your own support of archives.

Read about the entire event, which is the kickoff for UNT’s celebration the United Nations Year of Indigenous Languages.  A reception will follow the Q&A.

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