Discovery Series: Curtis J. Bonk

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Tuesday, October 26, 2021 - 10:00am

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This presentation is in conjunction with the department of Learning Technologies and sponsored by the Texas Center of Educational Technology

  • Topic: From Legends and Legacies to Silver Linings for Learning: Tapping into History while Tapping into the Future Via Video 
  • Date: October 26, 2021 10:00 a.m. (CST)

Sharing online video, such as the AECT Legends and Legacy website, offers a unique knowledge portal to an assembly of the most adventurous and productive pioneers in the field. They form a lasting opportunity for the thought leaders in educational and instructional technology to apprentice newcomers into the field. Interviews with Michael Spector, Rita Richey, Richard Clark, Sharon Smaldino, Mary Herring, David Jonassen, Marcy Driscoll, David Merrill, Tom Reeves, and dozens of others could be found there. From a macro perspective, the videos in the AECT Legends and Legacy website serve as an historical roadmap of the progress that has been made in the discipline as seen firsthand by people with decades of experience working in the trenches of it. And if you look and listen hard and long enough, you will discover that this knowledge portal also contains a wellspring of ideas for future research in the field. Need to design a dissertation study? No problem. Just get some popcorn, watch a few of these videos from the giants of the field, and use your imagination. But, wait…there’s more. There is always more. 
With the COVID-19 disruption, we are now provided with an opportunity to reimagine teaching and learning so as to create an equitable and humanistic learning ecosystem for all. Barriers and structures that have resisted much needed change are now in disarray, offering the chance for transformative improvements. Silver Lining for Learning seeks to begin this reimagining through a series of interactive conversations of emerging trends, disruptive policies, programs, and initiatives, and often controversial, murky, and unspoken topics. Begun in March 2020, Silver Lining for Learning is a weekly live Webcasted conversation and interactive discussion among a panel of visionary experts, Yong Zhao, Punya Mishra, Chris Dede, and Curt Bonk and their guests, about the future of education. To date, some 75 episodes have been recorded, and, like the AECT Legends and Legacy videos, they are now available for myriad educational uses by educators and learners around the world. 
In this session, Curt Bonk will discuss his favorite episodes this far of Silver Lining for Learning and detail a range of innovative pedagogical uses. With such live webcasted events in YouTube and the later archived recordings, learners can be apprenticed by thought leaders around the planet, while the instructor role shifts from content provider to one of learning concierge and course curator who continually augments and expands his or her courses with open access content and course activities in an accelerating apprenticeship process. If you come to this session, be sure to bring a bag of popcorn and your imagination. 

Curtis J. Bonk is Professor in the School of Education at Indiana University teaching psychology and technology courses. Curt is a former software entrepreneur, CPA, corporate controller, and educational psychologist who presently is an educational technologist, award-winning writer, highly published researcher, statewide and national awardee in innovative teaching with technology, and internationally acclaimed presenter. Dr. Bonk has more than 380 publications and given nearly 1,800 talks around the world. He can be contacted at and his homepage is