A college is composed of many people and we feel that the College of Information is composed of many great people!    We are proud of the many achievements and awards that members of the college receive.  From University awards like the Dean's List and Honors Day to external rewards like Outstanding Reviewer, there are many people we would like to congratulate.  Please tell us about a deserving student, faculty, or staff at CI-Dean@unt.edu.

Team Science:  We are announcing the approval of a suite of courses for Team Science at the undergraduate level to be offered by experts in COIs Department of  Learning Technology.  Team Science is a fairly new multidisciplinary field that recognizes the influence of whole host of factors in the workplace -- interpersonal, intrapersonal, organizational, physical environmental, technological, societal, and political.  With these courses, UNT undergraduates can be competitive for jobs in Human Resources as well as themselves being team leaders and decision makers.

Data Science:  The Department of Information Science is now offering a new Master of Science in Data Science which will meet the rising demand for highly skilled data science and data analytics professionals. In today’s workforce, large volumes of information must be turned into actionable knowledge. COIs Data Science program helps graduates gain the skills and competencies to do that.  Students will gain mastery in statistical analysis, natural language processing, computational linguistics, information retrieval, information visualization, social network analysis, text analytics and data mining – all highly sought-after skills in today’s world; many bringing creativity and science together for exciting life-career possibilities. The program is aimed at educating a new generation of information professionals capable of taking the leadership role through connecting the dots and using data to support strategic initiatives within the organization.

Computational Linguistics:  This year we are celebrating the launch of a Computational Linguistics concentration option for the MA in Linguistics. With new courses and new programs, the Linguistics Department seeks to fulfill student interest in language science and computational linguistics. Students in this MA will pursue questions such as: how can computational methods be used for more efficient analysis of language? How can data collections be harnessed to learn more about language? Can linguists create programs to discover the unstated biases of a writer? Can a computer be taught to annotate language samples with little or no supervision?

Resource Creation:  Faculty from Linguistics and Library and Information Science are partnering with the UNT digital library to create the Computational Resource for South Asian Languages (CoRSAL).  CoRSAL is a planned UNT digital repository for annotated corpora and additional materials of linguistic and cultural interest from the languages of South Asia.  Annotation allows for cross-language comparison and encourages transformative linguistic analyzes and computational modeling; corpora of varied genres supports cultural revitalization and access to intangible and tangible global heritage. The research and instructional possibilities are endless. An innovative collaboration among linguists, computational linguists, anthropologists, and information scientists is moving CoRSAL from plan to reality.

Here are some rankings that we are proud of for our programs:

  • U.S. News & World Report ranked our Medical librarianship graduate program as 1st in Texas and 7th in the nation.
  • U.S. News & World Report ranked our School library media graduate program as 1st in Texas and 10th in the nation.
  • U.S. News & World Report ranked our Library and information studies graduate program as 20th in the nation.
  • TheBestSchools.org ranked our Online master’s program in library and information studies as 12th in the nation.
  • TheBestSchools.org ranked our Online master’s program in learning technologies as 20th in the nation.
  • Onlineu.org ranked our Online master’s program in library and information studies as 7th in the nation. 
  • GuidetoOnlineSchools.com ranked our Online master’s program in library and information studies as 9th in the nation.