Welcome to the Discovery Lecture Series

Members of the community, 

Welcome to the web presence of the College of Information's new initiative: Discovery Lecture Series.  

The Discovery Lecture Series is composed of presentations with discussions from prestigious members of their field as well as new voices with innovative ideas.  The world of Information is exponentially expanding every moment and can be overwhelming to try and keep up with.  We hope that we can build a thriving community for conversations about what is important to you as well as exciting advancements in the field.

The lectures will be streamed live and open to the public for participation in person as well as in the stream.  They will be recorded and made available afterwards through this website and our youtube channel.  Please contact the Dean’s Office with suggestions for topics and or speakers.


We look forward to your participation.



Lesture Series 3: Robin James Mayes [Talk: Preventing Plagiarism]


Lecture Series 2: Miguel Nussbaum [Talk: How far are we from teaching creatively?]

Lecture Series 1: Rory McGreal, UNSECO Chair in Open Educational Resources [Talk: Open Education Resources and the Future of Education]