Office of the Dean

Discovery Park E290
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Fax: 940-891-6773

Kinshuk - Dean
(940) 565-2731

Ericka Sisk
Ericka Sisk - Executive Administrator for the Dean
(940) 565-2731
Ericka Sisk oversees the day-to-day operations of the Dean’s office and is responsible for application of campus and system policies & guidelines and human resource functions.  She also coordinates activities and training on behalf of the College and acts as the College liaison with the university and community.

Shobahana Chelliah
Shobhana Chelliah - Associate Dean of Research and Development
(940) 565-3851
Shobhana Chelliah supports faculty in their pursuit of research funding; provides educational opportunities to enhance grant-writing skills; provides leadership in communicating COI’s mission; co-ordinates strategic development efforts including marketing and alumni engagement.  She also works to foster international collaborations towards student recruitment and research excellence.

Yunfei Du
Yunfei Du - Associate Dean of Academics
(940) 369-8093
Yunfei Du coordinates improvements to the college curriculum, oversees all matters pertaining to college committees including the college bylaws.  He also works to increase enrollment through student recruitment and retention.

Steven Wallace
Steven Wallace - Assistant Dean of Finance and Administration
(940) 565-3568 
Steven Wallace serves as the chief financial officer for the college and is the principal financial advisor to the Dean. Steven also provides direction to department chairs and administrative coordinators in budget preparation, procurement, and compliance.  He manages all functions associated with developing and monitoring the college's annual budget. 

Barbara Landrum
Barbara Landrum - Research Officer
(940) 565-4743 
Barbara Landrum provides critical administrative services to faculty within the college as they develop and conduct externally funded research and sponsored projects. She works with faculty to manage the account projects especially financial aspects of sponsored projects.  She works to improve tracking mechanisms, standard operating procedures, and accurate reporting.  She is the college liaison with the Grants and Contracts Office in the sponsored project process.

Alan Thornton
Alan Thornton - Director of Development
Alan Thornton is responsible for managing relationships and securing private funding from donors capable of making a minimum gift of $25,000.  He connects donors to the College in ways that are meaningful to them; works collaboratively with the College of Information and UNT faculty and staff, with volunteers, community leaders, and others within the Advancement Network on the coordination of individual giving programs.  Alan facilitates alumni engagement opportunities and coordinates the annual giving program that promotes on-going annual support of College’s programs and initiatives.

Caley Barnhart
Caley Barnhart - Receptionist & Alumni Coordinator
Caley Barnhart supervises front reception operations and first impressions.  She manages conference room calendars and schedules meetings for the Dean’s Suite; coordinates purchasing and travel documentation.  Caley handles requests from alumni and friends of the college.  She creates the College of Information newsletter.  Always a team player, Caley pitches in where needed/asked to support the overall goals of the college.



Discovery Park C232
Fax: 940-565-3101 

Rachel Hall
Rachel Hall - Assistant Director II
(940) 565-2445

Sarah Kim
Sarah Yeonsook Kim - Academic Advisor III
(940) 369-8331

Quortina Phipps
Quortina Phipps - Academic Advisor II
(940) 565-3674

Eva Ruiz-DuVall
Eva Ruiz-DuVall - Academic Advisor I
(940) 369-7037